Curatorial Poetry

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August 22, 2014 at 4:00am
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Tweed effect plain weave in violet, beige and light brown. The paired warps are beige and light brown while the weft is comprised of heavy two-ply violet yarns. Number 5.027

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Design shows recessed fireplace with an architrave mantlepiece decorated with heavy scrollwork and a centralized mask. Above this, the entablature includes a mask framed within an escutcheon and acanthus leaves. Strapwork consoles decorate the sides, scrolling forward to flank drop finials.

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Leaf with circles surrounding outer edge and a straight stem

August 21, 2014 at 10:00pm
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A fragment of an extensively decorated wall. The rendering occupies the entire sheet. Above the space for the door opening is a representation of flying Eros and Psyche. The lower part of the wall is treated as a dado, having friezes with two intertwined rows of festoons. The main panel is an imaginary painting of Psyche, having won the favor of the goddess Ceres by arranging in due order the heaps of grain scattered in front of her temple. This panel appears to hang in front of a red panel, decorated with a motif of candelabra at left and right as well as with a motif of festoons with putti and satyrs, above and below. Other smaller panels, to the left of the door opening and to the right of the main panel, contain images of Eros (left) and Psyche (right).

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Man’s cap with embroidered band of narrow geometric and floral patterns and lace.

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Drawing in Album

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Horizontal sheet cut down from a larger size, with pinholes at the top corners. Depicted is the statue of a lion seated on a large pedestal seen from the side. The pedestal consists of a thick cornice supported by two inverted pillars (like balusters) at either corner. In the center is a panel with a fleur-de-lys in a wreath and festoons of ribbons coming out from all four corners of the wreath. Other sketches on the sheet depict various details of the ornament on the pedestal, with inscriptions identifying them (clockwise from top left): cornice, architrave moulding, shield, column, pillars, fleur de lys, part of wreath, shields and festoon. These are all tinted cream to pale beige, as if to imply marble. The lion is a soft gray-green, implying either a patinated metal or stone surface.

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Pattern of connecting red diamonds forming thirteen rows

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Four fragments of a design of a stag hunt. In red on white.

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Horizontal rectangle. Thirty-seven tiles wide and twenty-one high with opening for door or window nineteen and one-half tiles high and twelve wide. To left and right of opening, centered canopy above. Left, woman representing Hope, right, a sculputure urn. Centered above opening, a mascaron. Arabesque design of foliage.