Curatorial Poetry

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April 24, 2014 at 2:00am
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Recto - Divided in half vertically into black on white and white on black, the design features a full-length figure in relaxed posture evoking both a scarecrow and the unconstructed clothing style of the eponymous designer, Willi Smith. The body is straw-like; the hat is worn at a rakish angle; the arms, exaggerated in length, hang loosely; the legs are apart and bent slightly. As well as reversing the black and white scheme, the design presents the two figures in reverse position, head-to-toe.

Verso - The card is divided by a vertical line in the center. On the left, in the top half, WilliWearSHOP and the telephone number are imprinted in sans-serif style on one line. In the bottom half, the address is imprinted in an ornate script in a curved format. M&Co appears to the left of the line near the bottom edge of the card. The blank right half is reserved for addressee information.

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Horizontal rectangle. The left half is shown. An oblong panel with a cross in a border, divided into oblongs and squares, with rosettes in the corners, and above and below the lateral parts of the medallion. In the lateral oblongs rises a sheaf from a calyx. Beside it is another framing strip, with a candelabrum. It as in its center a lozenge with a rosette. Outside is a repetition of the first strip.

April 23, 2014 at 10:00pm
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Silver-shaped fans of bobbin-made lace.

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Satyr mask: poly-chromed

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White bag with fashion designer name in silver across canter; yellow, red, and purple diagonal lines. Small format.

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Flared cylindrical body drawn in elevation with four scrolling handles drawn in green pencil to be executed in plate-glass. Handles decorated on the inside with four small bands. Cup raised on a round base and foot. Underdrawing in graphite of cup in golden section.
Puiforcat collection contains two archival photographs of cup, Box 7, Folder 13, “Centerpieces-Vase-type” # 9201.
Puiforcat Fabrication #: 9201, Vase.

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On card 67

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Fashion Plate from La Belle Assemblee

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First book (dedicated to Lord Middlesex): title page and six plates, dated 1741, of rocaille cartouches; second book (dedicated to the Earl of Holderness): title page and five rocaille motifs, dated 1742; third book (dedicated to the Duke of Rutland): title page and six plates of cartouches, dated 1743; fifth book; title page and fourteen plates (one bound upside down) of furniture, dated 1743; sixth and seventh books: title pages (half-size) and fourteen plates of cartouches, undated; eighth book: title page and six plates of jewelery, dated 1747.

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Embossed and printed wallpapers simulating the woven fabrics of Dorothy Liebes. Twenty-five single sheets with note on the back of each giving the name of each design, the price and pattern number.