Curatorial Poetry

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July 24, 2014 at 10:00am
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Polychrome block print on green linen visually - two layers of patterning. Back layer: green ground with darker green foliage. Top layer: serpentine branches with blue and brown branches with large polychrome flowers. Two brilliantly colored birds fly toward each other, one blue and lavender with yellow crest holds sprig of lavender berries in beak; the other is yellow with orange wings and tail, blue head and crest. Vertically repeated. Sides match at a drop repeat. Condition: soiled.

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Scale: 1”=1’

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Horizontal rectangle. Thirty-seven tiles wide and twenty-one high with opening for door or window nineteen and one-half tiles high and twelve wide. To left and right of opening, centered canopy above. Left, woman representing Hope, right, a sculputure urn. Centered above opening, a mascaron. Arabesque design of foliage.

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Circular plate, the white body showing progressive sections of decoration around the scalloped rim: a tan ground with applied interlaced curving blue bands, and gilt floral border; the well with a section of gilt, stylized floral decoration in the center; the gilt numbers “6” over “2605” written above the decoration.

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Large and small floral motifs on gray

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Square white cotton textile made of two pieces stitched together with lace stitches. Fringed on all four sides. Flowers scattered over ground. Two ends trimmed with flowering vine design. Polychrome beads used.

July 23, 2014 at 10:00pm
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Three vertical panels depicting the months of April, June and October, in reverse from the engraved designs for tapestries. “April” shows the Bull in a wreath medallion at top, with Venus and Cupid in a frame at the center of the drawing. Below the frame is a swan between billing pairs of doves, all resting on a pedestal supported by dolphins. In “June”, Cancer is omitted. Mercury is placed in the central framing structure surmounted by a cock. A ram is below. “October” shows Scorpio in a wreath at top, Minerva in the central frame, and Arachne(?) making a tapestry below.

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Odd States

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Strie ground covered with palm-like fronds, overlaid with black branches skewered with ovals in pink and dark pink. Printed in dark grey, black, pink and dark pink on a silver ground.